Thursday, September 16, 2010

Receiver Time Based Media Festival

     Receiver Time Based Media Festival is an event that has been in the works probably for about a year. We will be showcasing time based media (video, film, installation, performance, kinetic sculpture) in the downtown area of Charleston SC on March 10-13th. We also will be curating a 6 week long show at Redux Contemporary Art Center in conjunction with the festival. We have been working hard at getting submissions in and organized. This weekend we will be meeting with an anonymous group of panelists to discuss who will make the cut.   
     The festival is being organized by Jarod Charzewski and me (Liz Vaughan) who both live and work in Charleston SC. We hope to bring a really progressive and entertaining event to our city. Today Jarod and I finished going through all of our submissions we got in. We received 80 different submission packets with some of them containing several different discs of work. I cant really believe the time has come to pick who will invite to Receiver Fest.
     The month of October will be our main time for fun-raising... Any funds we acquire go straight to accommodating artists who will be involved in the festival. We hope to bring a bunch of out-of-towners and we'd like to make sure their travel expenses were offset with awesome southern hospitality and hopefully a free place to sleep for the weekend. Other funds would go towards any expenses from venue rental, equipment or merchandise production. We also would be into throwing some fun parties to celebrate such an awesome event that has never happened in Charleston before... or at least not on this scale and involving only time based media. For our fun-raising will be creating a kickstarter project that will be fun to participate in. Basically if you give us money we give you sweet 'rewards' other than good karma such as screen printed t-shirts, free rickshaw rides during the festival and some other cool stuff reserved just for kickstarter supporters. For more info go find us on and see what it is all about. The other really fun event to raise some monies will be October 14th at Club Pantheon. Blume Artshows will be throwing a party for us called Tick Tock Blume featuring art based around the idea of time including whatever media. There has been talk of an interactive time machine, live screen printing, live painting, awesome DJs and who knows what else. So if you live in Charleston be sure to attend Tick Tock Blume!!!

-Liz Vaughan
co-organizer Receiver Time Based Media Festival

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