Tuesday, March 29, 2011

more images from the event

Christine Kirouac Canadian Time

Ruthless Animals- String (Figure) Theory

Ruthless Animals- String (Figure) Theory

Elizabeth Stehling- Sequester and Light Weight

Mason Greenewald- Icosikaitych

Travis Graves- Stumped

Mike Richison- Simulsuck

Sean Robinson- A Brief History of Time: The Workout

Tara Parsons- Not Without A Trace

Christine Kirouac- Canadian Time

Tara Parsons- Not Without A Trace

Ian Mozdzen- Infinity Land

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Receiver Time Based Media Festival

Jenny Herrick's video is live behind the halsey on calhoun. its a hidden treat...
Lisa is installing her bubble floor
cynthia camlin's glacial speed is up til april in the public library
sarah buckius and the mbc is there too
as well as Miranda Pfeiffer
video art!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

gettin dirty

painting stage for Ian Mozdzen and Sean Robinson... both performing on saturday at redux
this is what i get for being stubborn
volunteer organization... or non organization
fly incubator
it's getting there

I cant believe we've made it this far.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

March is just around the corner. The ReceiverFest artists will be here in three weeks. The venues are eagerly anticipating the arrival and installation of the artwork. The organizers are not sleeping. The schedules have gone to print. Four days of participatory projects, sonic installations, and live performances can be overwhelming for a viewer, so it's a good idea to have your own plan of attack. Nobody wants to miss a silent disco. This is a city-wide festival. Pull out your planners and start marking down these dates and times. Everything is free to attend.

For starters, on Thursday, MARCH 10th, go to REDUX CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER to hear David Bowen's lecture at 5:30pm. The opening of Bowen's solo exhibition, Drift, will serve as the official kick-off celebration for ReceiverFest (6-9pm). You can read more about ReceiverFest's featured artist in Art in America.

Much more to come…start reviewing the works and performances you would like to attend here.

less than a month away

This is on the corner of St. Phillip and George where the Communications Museum is located. There will be multiple video screenings and performances during Receiver Fest here at the museum. Directly downstairs will be a working installation/performance by Christine Kirouac and a installation by Lisa Walcott.

very exciting...

also a shot of Redux... where David Bowen will be exhibiting and several other events will take place.

Monday, January 31, 2011

37 Days, 7 Hours, and 20 Minutes until ReceiverFest

Art thrives on the exchange of ideas, and is no longer an object. The changing world offers new possibilities for art production and reception, outside of the traditional media. Time-based media art can manifest itself in several forms and draws concepts from various disciplines. Video art, sonic art, kinetic sculpture, and the more traditional performance art can each be classified as time-based media. The successful evasion of definitions is an attractive quality of time-based media, one that has drawn practitioners, critics, and curators to the field.

Art should be a tool with which to confront and provide reflection upon reality. Works of time-based media art require visual and intellectual curiosity from the viewer. Oftentimes they cannot be realized without the participation of the public. ReceiverFest hopes to contribute to the arts ecology of the region by pushing the boundaries of what should be expected from art today.

The countdown to the inaugural ReceiverFest has begun. In the weeks leading up to the festival, we will be blogging about the artists, the works to be featured, and the amazing venues in Charleston that will be hosting them (along with any other relevant material about the wonders of time-based media). In the meantime, check out Barbara Pollack's article about the rise of participatory art, published in January's ARTnews.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

synonyms for \ri-ˈsē-vər\

I find it difficult while writing proposals for spaces, in this blog, on facebook and in emails to avoid using the word receive ie "Any funds we receive....", "Any submissions we receive...", "If you give to kickstarter then you will receive...". It is annoying but a good sign that we have named this festival well.

Just as a fun exercise I looked up words that are related to 'receive'.

Some of these are stretches:

ooo ooo and on the merriam webster website also has rhymes:
orb weaver....(wtf?)

The definition itself on the website us ubber boring and official sounding.