Sunday, September 19, 2010

Panelist Review

     We finished our review with our panelists. I am utterly blown away at how many amazing subissions we got in. We will not have our final list for some time. Jarod and I will need several more looks at certain works to decide on who exactly we will invite. I think this festival could very easily permeate the city with tons of video of all themes, performance, music and sculpture. There has never before been an event like this in Charleston. The artists came from all over the country, Canada, the Netherlands and the UK. It is exciting how many talented people were able to participate in our open call. Our panelists were troopers, sitting for 8 hours in the dark watching all 80 submissions. Now is the time for serious fund raising, venue scouting and PR.
-Liz Vaughan
co organizer Receiver Time Based Media Festival

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