Saturday, October 9, 2010

work work work

     Tick Tock Blume is this Thursday at Club Pantheon. We will hopefully raise a bunch of money for Receiver Fest. Ive been teaching myself how to screen print so that I could make posters to sell at Blume alongside the t-shirts.  We have a young woman, a friend of one of my studio mates, making a design for the t-shirts. I letterpressed a ton of tags which have mostly been dispersed at this point. I was thinking of making some more with Jenna's stamps and hanging them on every bike in town. Nicky Click is going to be here Wednesday and staying at our house most likely. She is also facilitating a queer sex talk the day after Blume. The things we still have to accomplish are decking out the airstream, picking up artwork, making tags for the pieces, getting the design for the t-shirt, setting everything up with the DJs, printing more posters, talking up the show...

This is the part of putting something like this together where sleep and eating is a luxury. Im excited because if we make a ton of money for Receiver then Jarod and I can rest a little easier and be that much closer to making some big decisions on what the festival will look like.  check this guy out

It is so crazy that Blume has been around for 2 years. I remember sitting at Ladd, Anna and Rachel's house on Spring street with Luca, Sam, Matt and Teo. There would be some good tunes on, beer, screen printing and the sound of the type writer (because we hand typed every single one of those tags back then). I wonder if I was aware at the time how important those moments were. I hope that in my 19 or 20 year old head that I was thoroughly enjoying it and not distracted by some self consciousness. If I remember anything about college I hope the Blume production team is a part of that. Rachel and I are the only originals left. I have a feeling that it will end with us which is sad to me. I could see it being picked up by some other young college students and working off what we have built.

Other than all of this resting on my shoulders I am trying my best to be pleasant with everyone even though I feel impatient and grumpy. Perhaps it is this lingering cold, the moon cycle I am in or stress that is making me feel so irritated. The real challenge with Blume and I is for me to not be overcome by the stress of it. If I can relax enough to dance, get drunk and talk with my friends on Thursday it will be a triumphant night.

Let's take one for Receiver Fest!

-Liz Vaughan


  1. Liz I love you! This is gonna be the banginest party of the month!

  2. if I'm still lost and lingering around asheville by thursday, I may well come to charleston for blume. I would be sad to have to miss it, but then again, I know I'd probably get permanently engulfed by charleston if I were to return right now. good luck with everything, I hope it goes as well as your wildest dreams! (assuming that your wildest dreams go well, that is)